Easter Fun!!

We actually had a day without anything on our schedule this evening!! We all went to dinner and came back to dye eggs for Brody's class and I made treats for both boy's classes for their Easter parties. You have to visit Eighteen25 for the free printable to make these:

I mean, seriously! These things are cuuuuute! I think the kids and teachers are going to LOVE them! They make me smile : )

And here are my silly boys with their dyed eggs...


  1. oh my goodness... your boys are some kind of cute!! and i'm so glad you liked the peeps!! they were one of our fist projects so they are kinda special to us!! :)

  2. too too cute... you are such a creative lil mama...

    missed you at school today for the Easter parties.. it's okay though.. I didn't need you showin me up, lol

    well y'all have a happy Easter. we'll see ya soon!