Unexpected treasure and a t-ball game

I went to a garage sale yesterday at a storage building. I don't miss any sale that starts on a Thursday....one of the perks of staying home is being able to get there while everyone else is at work : ) I was browsing around and couldn't find anything that I "had to have". Seriously, nothing. Until......I stumbled across a box of sewing supplies!! (I had just told my mother in law that I would have to go to Hancock to get some more thread to finish hemming some things for her.) So PUMPED!! I just love how all the spools of thread look all lined up like a choir : ) : ) : )
I am not real sure what kind of thread the ones on the bottom are but they are beautiful!! Keep in mind, out of all these spools I only owned 2 of them before the garage sale. Score!

Last night my big boy played in his first game of the season. Nothing makes me prouder that sitting at the ballpark watching my babies play ball and my hubby coach them.


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  1. Love yard sales and finding crafty stuff at them too!!